"Great food,
inspired service"

Duke's Refresher + Bar


Located in downtown Toronto, Duke’s Refresher serves up epic cocktails, 40 glorious beers on tap, stupid good food and the kind of fun that would make any respectable middle manager blush, ask for the bill, and leave early. The music’s loud, the conversation can get out of hand and you’ll be treated like a regular the minute you walk in the door – because if you’re not already one, we’re thinking you will be soon. And if you like the beer here as much as it’s going to like you, you might even find yourself joining the Einstein Club – which means you’ll get a personal beer stein that we’ll hang behind the bar for your visits. Just don’t expect us to hide it when you bring in someone on a first date.

If you’re into sharing food with your friends, we’ve got a menu just for you. If you’re into protecting the plate in front of you like a starving animal, we’ve got stuff for you as well. And if you stay late enough to do the walk of shame home, get a 50% Shameless Breakfast Club stamp and we’ll see you tomorrow morning with something to feed your hangover.

Check us out sometime. You’ll be glad you did. Your mom, not so much.

382 Yonge St., Unit 8
(near Yonge and Gerrard)
Toronto, ON M5B 1S8