" Shape your career
around what inspires you"

Jennifer Whitfield

Payroll Specialist

Fifteen years ago, Jen answered an ad for a job fair and it changed her life! Jen started off as a Hostess at Jack Astors in Brampton, Ontario. In her words “It was a fun place to work, flexible, with a great atmosphere.”

While enjoying her work and environment, Jen was mentored by her managers and three years later she was promoted to be the Day Manager. “As a manager at Service Inspired Restaurants, I really managed, coached and ran my part of the business.”

After having a family, Jen left for a short while but returned, this time to Canyon Creek. The flexibility that she was afforded provided the balance that she needed as a working mom.

It wasn't long before all of Jen's experienced converged, and today Jen is the payroll specialist for 4,000 team members across all of Canada.

“This was my calling,” she says “And because I came from the restaurants it was a great fit, I know how payroll operates in the restaurants and that helps me understand the issues and how to resolve them effectively.”

Why has she stayed with Service Inspired Restaurants? “We’re a great company,” she says “We treat people well, and our leaders are very caring. We’re fun and as a result we enjoy coming to work.”

Jen has come a long way over the last fifteen years – she was able to explore career opportunities in different roles, locations, and even different concepts, and along the way found her calling. We’re glad she answered that job fair ad!