"We do things
differently "

Making a Difference

Service Inspired Restaurants supports:

  • The Ontario Hostelry Institute, so students have the financial assistance they need to pursue careers in hospitality and culinary arts
  • Culinary and hospitality programs at various colleges and universities, including acting in advisory positions, speaking at the schools and providing scholarships and bursaries
  • Friends of We Care, programs offering children with physical disabilities the opportunity to go to camp
  • Food4Kids, programs that ensure children have food each weekend – a current gap in our Monday to Friday school breakfast programs

Green Initiatives – At Service Inspired Restaurants, respect for our natural environment plays a central role in everything we do. To that end we are currently:

  • Implementing a controlled waste program that diverts more than 50% of our waste from landfill sites
  • Recycling where possible to improve our waste recovery numbers. Even our trademark ‘table paper’ at Jack Astor's is made from recycled paper and is fully recyclable
  • Striving to partner with vendors that practice sustainability and environmental responsibility in their daily operations 
  • Testing a system that reduces our organic waste by 7 times through mulching and moisture removal
  • Utilizing high efficiency dishwashing equipment and chemicals that are not harmful to the environment
  • Using recovery systems that utilize the heat created from the kitchen equipment to assist in heating the restaurant

As part of our committment to sourcing only sustainable food products, SIR Corp has committed to procuring all of our eggs (whole and liquid form) only from hens that live 100% cage-free - as of no later than September 2016.